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For the A-Level General Paper (Syllabus Code: 8806), there are 2 papers: Paper 1 is “Essay”, and Paper 2 is “Comprehension”, which is worth 50 marks each.

From the GP Syllabus, it is apparent that the topics covered in Paper 1 will be mainly issues drawn from across disciplines and issues of local interest and national concern, while the questions covered in Paper 2 will be mainly the student's understanding of the passage, including literal comprehension and inference, their vocabulary, ability to summarise and apply to the passage.

At Adam Smith Learning Centre, we have structured our 2-hour lessons such that the GP tuition lessons guide the students on the global outlook, both in local & regional developments, with the mindset to distinguish between the different types of relationships and impacts of the various issues.

Students will then be able to utilize their current knowledge to demonstrate their understanding of the interrelationship of ideas from across disciplines. More importantly, students will be taught how to develop the skills of accurate and effective communication for a fluent presentation of their opinions, in their own voice.


In Adam Smith Learning Centre, you can expect to learn:

Essay Paper ( Paper 1 of the GP Syllabus)

A-Level Tuition Singapore | GP Tuition SG The secret to writing a killer introduction and a sound conclusion for your GP essays. Both the introduction and conclusion are very crucial in an essay answer, as they will be the determining factors on captivating the marker's attention.

A-Level Tuition Singapore | GP Tuition SG The way to not drift away from the main points while writing the GP essays. More often than not, many students will tend to go out of point in the middle of the essay, therefore it is important to know how to keep your focus on the main points and not lose marks due to irrelevance.

In our A-Level tuition courses for GP, we show you how to let the skills of application and analysi ensure you will never be out of point, rather than let your factual knowledge and topic content guide you through your writing.

A-Level Tuition Singapore | GP Tuition SG The topics that you should avoid and those that you should focus on. In Adam Smith Learning Centre, we will share with you which topics are best for you to score in.


Comprehension Paper (Paper 2 of the GP Syllabus)  

A-Level Tuition Singapore | GP Tuition SG Similarly, how to write good introduction and conclusion for your AQ answer. Although not obvious from the General Paper syllabus, it is actually imperative that your AQ is written as a mini essay!

A-Level Tuition Singapore | GP Tuition SG How to answer the various types of questions with tried & tested models. In Adam Smith Learning Centre, our GP tutors will provide you with answers to the Cambridge - UCLES - SEAB past year exam papers, so that you will be able to have a clearer picture on the thought processes on how to answer these questions accurately and precisely. In fact, our H1 General Paper tutors will make a cross reference to the GP Syllabus, so that answering to the questions can be more systematic and effective.

A-Level Tuition Singapore | GP Tuition SG The correct way to summarise the text given in the passage. Many students do not know the proper way to summarise, and thus they tend to lose many marks as a result. With Adam Smith Learning Centre, our General Paper tutors will guide you in the simple process of summarisation, so that you will arrive at a sound answer. 

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Happy revision!


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Our Tutors' Testimonials:
The main strength of the H2 Economics revision courses at Adam Smith Learning Centre is the clear and concise explanations of tough concepts and the application of those said concepts to answer questions.

The Econs Exam skills such as case study skills and the ability of how to break down the different question types are invaluable!
Michael Choo
National Junior College (NJC), 2011 JC2 H2 Economics
Mr Lee is a very good Econs tutor! His revision lessons was very exam focused, so that students could concentrate on the exam skills & key content required.
Rachel Wong Jin Hui
Dunman High School (DHS), 2011 JC2 H1 Economics
The A-Level Economics revision classes are the best!

The Economics tutors teach you exactly what to do and what to look out for when tackling the H2 Econs essays and case studies, so that my question interpretation is highly enhanced.

The exam skills taught is very good and I can understand how to answer all those difficult questions.
Goh Kang Shiong
Anglo-Chinese Junior College (NJC), 2011 JC2 H2 Economics